28/10/2015 15:28


This Halloween find yourself in a silent misty forest full of ghosts and mysterious trees with the help of PhotoFunia.

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28/10/2015 15:28

Jack-o'-Lantern Head

Jack-o'-lantern is a lantern made at Halloween from a hollowed-out pumpkin in which holes are cut to represent eyes nose and mouth. How about trying it on?

23/10/2015 12:01

Frankenstein Monster

Originally published nearly 200 years ago, the story of Frankenstein has captivated many generations of readers and moviegoers to virtually become a legend. It is also known as the "a first truly sci-fi story" and encapsulates both Gothic horror and romance. This Halloween you can turn a picture of yourself or someone you know into the famous Frankenstein monster, courtesy of your friends at PhotoFunia. Long live Frankenstein!

16/02/2014 16:17
Introducing a brand new mobile version of PhotoFunia website. Simply log on to http://m.photofunia.com/ and enjoy full PhotoFunia on any mobile device. We have worked really hard to optimise the website for a variety of different screen sizes and surely made it work with the best pointing device in the world: your finger. We have also thrown in support for Facebook, VK and Mail.RU letting you access you photos right from online albums as well as being able to share the photo with your friends right from the website. http://m.photofunia.com/
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13/12/2013 19:50
PhotoFunia for Asha Download it for free now!
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25/02/2013 08:07
PhotoFunia 3.0 for Windows Phone 8
Say hello to PhotoFunia 3.0 for Windows Phone 8. Download now!

23/02/2013 10:01
PhotoFunia 3.0 for iOS is here
PhotoFunia 3.0 for iOS is here. We've completely redesigned user interface so  access to favourites, recent and popular effects is only one tap away. You can now also choose the photo right from your Facebook album and share the resulting image with all of your friends via Twitter and Facebook. Download the free update from AppStore now.
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