01/04/2008 21:09
टैग: effects

28/03/2008 20:11

Applying Makeup

Photo effect "makeup" - you are just a couple of clicks away.

टैग: effects

18/03/2008 23:54

Polaroid Dress

Try on our exclusive polaroid dress - funny, fashionable, memorable!

टैग: effects

17/03/2008 22:24
टैग: effects

04/03/2008 00:11

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has got a T-shirt with your photo!

टैग: effects

26/02/2008 21:38


In this photo effect a beautiful ginger cat rests on top of the computer screen with your photo.

टैग: effects

13/02/2008 22:05


No need to spend hours posing for a portrait. Just download your photo.

टैग: effects

04/02/2008 21:24

The Eye

Photo effect of reflection in the eyes.

टैग: effects

04/02/2008 21:22


With this ptoto effect you can create posters in an instant.

टैग: effects

17/01/2008 22:02


Looks like someone went to a meeting with your photo, photo effect allows you to add your words on the poster.

टैग: effects

11/01/2008 14:16

Night City

Billboard in a night street, warmed up by the soft light flowing from the lanterns.

टैग: effects

22/12/2007 23:43
Here is Santa.

Bad Santa

Photo frame bad Santa - uncommon Santa and anti-hero.

Note: this effects is using automatic face detection technology.
टैग: faces, effects

20/12/2007 22:47

Good Luck Chuck

Photo frame from the comedy "Good luck,Chuck!"

Note: this effects is using automatic face detection technology.
टैग: effects

17/12/2007 21:50

Christmas Tree Balls

Select a photo for the effect of reflection in the Christmas toys.

टैग: effects

09/12/2007 09:59

Paris Hilton

Photo effect with Paris Hilton holding your photo. And it seems that she is not likely to give it away.

टैग: effects

08/12/2007 01:42

In the Cinema

Photo effect in the movie theatre. You are shown on the big screen.

टैग: effects