08/04/2014 06:38
PhotoFunia update for iOS7 is avaliable in the AppStore!
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16/02/2014 16:17
Introducing a brand new mobile version of PhotoFunia website. Simply log on to http://m.photofunia.com/ and enjoy full PhotoFunia on any mobile device. We have worked really hard to optimise the website for a variety of different screen sizes and surely made it work with the best pointing device in the world: your finger. We have also thrown in support for Facebook, VK and Mail.RU letting you access you photos right from online albums as well as being able to share the photo with your friends right from the website. http://m.photofunia.com/

25/02/2013 08:07
PhotoFunia 3.0 for Windows Phone 8
Say hello to PhotoFunia 3.0 for Windows Phone 8. Download now!

23/02/2013 10:01
PhotoFunia 3.0 for iOS is here
PhotoFunia 3.0 for iOS is here. We've completely redesigned user interface so  access to favourites, recent and popular effects is only one tap away. You can now also choose the photo right from your Facebook album and share the resulting image with all of your friends via Twitter and Facebook. Download the free update from AppStore now.

18/02/2013 21:08
It  is finally here. An Android app that lets you put your face on a billboard, a stamp, or in a Warhol-like work of pop-art got even better. We've made a completely new UI for 7 and 10 inch tablets, fixed tons of bugs and added an ability to pick the photo right from your Facebook album. As usual you can download an update from Google Play at an unbelievable price of free.
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24/09/2010 20:00
It is Friday night and we have some great news for Apple iStuff users. Apple has finally aprooved the update to our iPhone/iPod Touch App and its available for FREE in the AppStore. With retina display support, crop tool and ability to send pictures via email directly from the app it is better than ever!
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04/07/2010 16:03

Dear PhotoFunia users,

We are currently testing a new photo uploader. Select any effect you like and you will see a link that enables you to switch to the new uploader. You will no longer have to re-upload same photo again and again in order to apply different affect to it and in certain effects you will also get an option to crop it. Please note that this feature is still under heavy development. We welcome any feedback and suggestions.

Дорогие пользователи,

Мы тестируем новый загрузчик фото. Зайдя на страницу любого эффекта Вы увидите ссылку, кликая на которорую Вы можете  переключиться в режим нового загрузчика. Теперь Вам не прийдется загружать одно и то же фото снова и снова для того, чтобы применить к нему другой эффект, также мы сделали доступным возможность выбора фрагмента Вашего фото для эффектов, где  ранее Ваше фото могло быть обрезано. Данная функция находится в стадии разработки, поэтому будем рады любым Вашим отзывам и пожеланиям.

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