Effect. Vinyl Record.

16/04/2015 10:52

Vinyl Record

Create your very own custom vinyl record. Simply choose a photo, enter name of the artist and album in the desired text and color and let PhotoFunia do it's magic.

Effect. Drawing Lesson.

10/04/2015 12:00

Drawing Lesson

Your portrait drawn on a Drawing lesson with a pencil in color or in black and white.

PhotoFunia for MS-DOS

01/04/2015 10:30

It is our goal to make PhotoFunia accessible to as many people in the world as we possibly can. Our Engineers work around the clock in order to make sure that PhotoFunia is compatible with all new devices and platforms. But we asked ourselves: How can we make it even better?

If you remember the 80s and the computers of those days working on MS-DOS. Those were the days, when you had to boot up from floppy disk to play Pacman and other arcade games. Do not be tempted to throw away those awesome machines as we have some exciting news to share with you today! PhotoFunia will soon be available on MS-DOS and will be released as a standalone app on 128 floppy disks which you will be able to purchase from your local PC Store as early as May 2015!

Meanwhile, please follow the link for a little preview of what is to come!

Tags: dos, ms-dos, retro, app

Effect. Kitty and Frame.

27/03/2015 11:37

Kitty and Frame

Have your picture framed and placed on the wall of a cosy house with a kitty to keep it company. Nothing beats a warm atmosphere for your special picture, especially when it's cold outside!

Effect. Double Exposure.

19/03/2015 11:43

Double Exposure

In photography a double exposure is the superimposition of two exposures to create a single image. In other words, you take two shots using the same segment of the film and as a result you have a blend of two images.

For this effect we've already chosen a set of images you can use as a texture. All you have to do is upload your photo and choose one of those textures. For better results your photo should be a high contrast portrait on a plain light background.


17/03/2015 16:16

We decided to have some fun and created a jingle this weekend. What do you think?

Tags: jingle, music

Effect. Blinking lights.

13/03/2015 11:32

Blinking Lights

Watch PhotoFunia transform an office building into a massive monochrome screen which displays text and graphics by switching lights on and off in every window. Simply enter the text and choose from four different symbols to create a stunning animation for any occasion.

Effect. Pedestrian crossing.

05/03/2015 12:25

Pedestrian Crossing

Choose your photo and it will appear on a billboard next to the pedestrian crossing.

More ways to access your photos

27/02/2015 12:43

We are constantly looking for new ways to make PhotoFunia easier to use and one of the key areas we wanted to address is the ability to access photos that you already have online. You might have already noticed that you can not only upload a new photo and take a picture with a webcam, but have a direct access to your Facebook and VK albums as well as photos from Google Drive.

Today we are happy to add Microsoft’s OneDrive to that list. Now you can take advantage of Windows Phone’s “Auto Upload” feature and access all your photos right from PhotoFunia’s website.

Say Cheese!

Effect. Retro photos.

26/02/2015 11:13

Retro Photos

When today’s market is full of high definition, high mega pixel cameras, we are missing the warm, grainy, imperfect effects from the era of analogue camera and films. Nostalgia is just part of the human nature. Bring back the old memories with this beautiful retro effect by placing two of your photos on a table next to vintage cameras and old photo album.

Effect. Lifebuoy.

20/02/2015 10:15


Man over board! Throw a family member, friend, or loved one a lifebuoy with this seaside themed effect. Add your own text to personalize this fun photo.

Effect. Heart Tattoo.

03/02/2015 00:50

Heart Tattoo

When love is in the air, then why not on your body? If you ask how, love tattoos is the answer. Whenever one thinks about the symbol of love, the first thing that comes to mind is heart. With the help of PhotoFunia you can now make a fake heart tattoo with the name of your loved one engraved on the ribbon.

Effect. Warrior.

17/10/2014 14:38


Have you ever wanted to look like a medieval warrior? The time when a blade, shield and honor was all that stood between great men (and women) and their enemies. Try the warrior effect and battle your way through your imagination.

Tags: faces, effects

Effect. Polaroid Shot.

08/10/2014 10:41
To try this effect with your image please visit following URL

Polaroid Shot

Remember the days of the Polaroid? With this effect you can once again create a dual Polaroid shot, just pick a good picture! Your picture will be transformed into a Polaroid shot in the foreground and a blurred one in the background (if check-box is ticked, otherwise a default background image is used).

Tags: effects

Effect. Heart Locket.

26/09/2014 13:45
To try this effect with your image please visit following URL

Heart Locket

Have a picture of your loved one in a heart locket to show your affection or just have a tease. Whatever your reasons you're sure to catch someone's attention with the Heart Locket effect.

Effect. American Football.

23/09/2014 13:20
To try this effect with your text please visit following URL

American Football

Ever wanted to feel part of American Football team? With this effect you can have your name and number printed on the jersey for that priceless feeling.

Tags: effects