Effect. New York Street.

31/07/2015 11:45

New York Street

Place a huge poster image of your choice on a busy New York city street for everyone to see. Your poster will be the envy of many, from the likes of pedestrians, busy shoppers, taxis and commuters.

Tags: effect, yellow, city, taxi, ny

Effect. Lipstick Writing.

24/07/2015 12:01

Lipstick Writing

Leave a message written with red lipstick for your beloved one.

Effect. Wedding Day.

17/07/2015 12:30

Wedding Day

One of the most important events in anyone's life is surely the Wedding Day. Now with this effect you can add a wedding theme to your picture in seconds.

Effect. Ninja.

10/07/2015 12:35


It takes years of practice to become a true ninja (shinobi, in Japanese). Thanks to PhotoFunia you can become one in a second!

Effect. VHS.

03/07/2015 12:22


We live in the digital world these days, Blu-Rays have already replaced DVDs and picture quality is becoming better and better every year.

Yet some of one might still remember the days of VHS tapes. The long rewinding, the tape being stuck inside the VHS player, bugs and spider-webs ruining the cassette, using a VHS cleaning cassette tape to get better playing, watching a blurred projection of a VHS film and having to use a hexagonal or cylindrical stick to rewind all the video tape when something went wrong.

Although there is no coming back to the cassettes, there is something nostalgic about the imperfections of the worn-out VHS tapes. Recreate the old VHS image style with this PhotoFunia effect.

Effect. Typewriter.

26/06/2015 11:48


Long gone are the days of a typewriter, but they are certainly not forgotten. Re-create an authentic retro message typed with a classic typewriter today!

Effect. Clapperboard.

19/06/2015 09:35


Lights, camera, action!

Ever wanted to produce your own Hollywood movies? Imagine being a producer of your very own Hollywood blockbuster with a help of one of the most iconic tools in film production – the Clapperboard!

Effect. Light writing.

12/06/2015 11:39

Light writing

Light drawing is a fancy photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph. With this effect you can write a short text in this manner.

Effect. Double Decker.

05/06/2015 12:19

Double Decker

A double-decker bus is the most iconic and widely recognized attraction in London. It's no wonder so many companies are spending millions advertising their products on it. Here is your chance to do it absolutely free with PhotoFunia!

Effect. Breaking News.

29/05/2015 12:04

Breaking News

Make your own TV news screen with Breaking News effect and have fun! Take a photo, add TV news headline and laugh to tears while you troll your friends.

Tags: effect, news, fake, tv

App for Sailfish OS

20/05/2015 15:06

PhotoFunia app for Sailfish OS has been released and is now available for download on Jolla Store!

Effect. Cook Book.

15/05/2015 15:21

Cook Book

PhotoFunia makes creating your very own cookbook as easy as boiling water. Simply choose a title for your gourmet dish and upload either a photo of yours (wearing a Chef’s hat) or a photo of your dish to impress your friends.

Tags: effect, book, cooking

Effect. Chef's Hat.

15/05/2015 15:20

Chef's Hat

Dreaming of becoming next Jamie Oliver? You can start by putting on the Chef’s hat with the help of this photo effect.

Tags: effect, cooking

Effect - Number plate

15/05/2015 15:18

Number Plate

Personal number plates are more than just a way for your car to be identified. Your number plates can actually say a lot about you and your personality. Create your very own personalized number plate with any text you like. You can also choose between five different colors for the car.

Effect. Lemon tree.

01/05/2015 11:45

Lemon tree

Put your photo into a wooden frame next to a next to a beautiful lemon tree. You can choose between horizontal and portrait photo and the frame will rotate automatically.

Tags: effect, lemon, frame, tree

Effect. Evening Billboard.

24/04/2015 12:46

Evening Billboard

Have your photo displayed on a huge billboard.