07/12/2018 14:20

Posters on the Wall

Every music fan remembers the excitement and the buzz in the air just before a huge concert of a major music star. The area around where the performance takes place is customary adored with billboards and posters of the music superstar due performing soon at the major venue in the area. Imagine walking or driving by and seeing posters on the building wall depicting an image of you as the major star to perform soon in the area. With this effect from PhotoFunia you can do just that, choose up to three pictures to display them on the wall in the best of light. Give it a try today and impress your friends and family.

แท็ก: effect, poster, street

23/11/2018 14:13

Festive Days

The winter is coming, at least in the northern hemisphere as most of you are now are aware and with it many wonderful festivities from across the world, to be celebrated in family circles. For most, the winter is a time of snow, ice and long nights. Depending on the part of the world you live in you may experience a blizzard or a heavy snowfall, which coincides with the festivities at this time of the year. There should be plenty of signs of the upcoming holidays with towns and cities adorned with decorations. To get you in the mood for the upcoming festivities chose two pictures of your choice and have them appear on the windows of a high street shop with heavy snow falling outside on the street. Try it today and arouse your excitement of the festive days!

แท็ก: effect, christmas, xmas, new_year

16/11/2018 15:56

Explorer drawing

Over the centuries, people have travelled all around the world and now inhabit every corner of our planet. While travelling and discovering different places, explorers would make notes and drawings to document their discoveries and experiences. During the expedition, many discoveries were related to local people and many drawings of them could be found. With this effect from PhotoFunia you can get your picture drawn by an explorer in his diary with a world map in the background. Give it a go and impress your fiends today!

แท็ก: effect, graphic, drawing, map

09/11/2018 14:23

At the Beach

Many artists love painting beautiful landscapes that Mother Nature produces such as mountain range, beach by the sea and even a forest. Such wild setting always provides various strange and beautiful things and at time unusual. This is the case with this effect, which happens on the beach, where quite an unusual scene has unfolded, a woman is walking while carrying a huge picture in one hand. You can choose your own picture for the person to carry on the beach against the backdrop of sea in a black and white artistic style. Try it today and share the love!

แท็ก: effect, art, artist, artistic

02/11/2018 12:21

In the Woods

Walking in a wood alone in the dark is never a good idea and has terrified kids all over the world, with many urban legends and stories. Nevertheless, this particular adventure in the woods will result in finding an ornamental article with a picture in a frame. You can choose which picture to place in a frame and share it from your friends. Give it a go today!

แท็ก: effect, frame, wood, picture

26/10/2018 14:16

Haunted Hotel

It is a scary time of the year, historically used to commemorate the faithful dead with people from young to old dressing up in various undead characters to call on people’s houses asking for some treats or performing a trick. Haunted old, dilapidated buildings are very popular during this time with many sightings of ghosts, vampires and ghouls. The best of such places are no doubt are haunted hotels with so much history and past events. With this PhotoFunia effect, you can give a name to an old haunted building that looks like a hotel with an option to have “Hotel” sign added at the end of the name. Give it a go and scare your friends and family alike this Halloween!

แท็ก: effect, hotel, mystery, moon

19/10/2018 12:35


Give your new year a nice start! Create a calendar with the photo of your choice. Select a calendar for the whole year or make twelve for each month.

แท็ก: effect, christmas, xmas, new_year

10/10/2018 12:47

Banksy Shredder

Banksy is an anonymous English street artist who wows the public with his satirical street art. Recently the public was witness to a stunt event occurring in the famous Sotheby's auction house in London. This is when the famous Girl With Balloon artwork by Banksy was shredded in front of shocked audience, minutes after being sold.

Do you fancy playing a role of an anonymous artist while shredding your own masterpieces? Now you can with the Banksy Shredder effect. Choose your picture, select still image or animation effect while also having an option to turn your image into stencil.

Give it a go today and shock your friends and family with your own masterful creation.

แท็ก: effect, banksy, shredder, sotheby

05/10/2018 18:12

Cinema Ticket

Movies have been an integral part of the modern pop culture with everyone having their favorites. Every boy and girl have at some point dreamed to be in a movie or take part in it in some form. We cannot promise that you will become a famous actor, but what we can promise with our "Cinema Tickets" effect is that you can have loads of fun creating film titles on cinema tickets. Give it a go today and share it with your cinema loving friends!

แท็ก: effect, cinema, movie, ticket

02/10/2018 15:39

Golden Coin

Gold and gold coins have been a going currency for many millennia being the bloodline of world commerce. Many famous politicians and influential people adorned cold coins, which were a highly valuable possession at the time. Nowadays the coins come in different shapes and sizes while being made from various precious metals such as gold, silver and copper. With the help of PhotoFunia you can now decorate a gold coin with your own picture and engrave your own text on the face of it. Simply choose a picture, enter text and select year to create your own commemorative coin. Try it today and share it with your friends and family.

แท็ก: effect, money, hand, metal

21/09/2018 15:32

Arrow Signs

If you like receiving or giving guidance, you should like this effect from PhotoFunia. With Arrow Signs effect, you can give directions left or right or both sides at the same time and leave a special short message. Now you can feel more in control by giving directions to your friends or even yourself while being creative. Give it a got today and share it with your friends.

แท็ก: effect, texteffect, text, sign

14/09/2018 14:40

Autumn Leaf

With the summer ending in the northern hemisphere, we have to turn over a new leaf and welcome autumn. Start of school, yellow leafs, colder temperatures and more rain are just a few of the signs of the start of the new season. To celebrate the start of autumn and new academic year, PhotoFunia has introduced an Autumn Leaf effect. With this effect you can create an autumn themed picture by using one of your own images either colour or black and white, which will be depicted on the book with a superimposed leaf next to it. Give it a go today and get into the spirit of autumn.

แท็ก: effect, autumn, leaf, fall

07/09/2018 11:13

Interior Picture

With the help of this effect you would be able to see how your photo or a drawing will look like on the wall painted in any of the seven colours avaialble. We belive this free efefct will come handy to the artists and designers. You also have an option to turn the photo into a pencil drawing.

แท็ก: effect, interior, frame, pencil

24/08/2018 19:04

Shopping Arcade

Imagine a modern shopping arcade bustling with lights and filled with busy shoppers. Now imagine a huge billboard depicting your picture above the shopping arcade entrance and overlooking a busy street. With this effect, you can choose a picture to display on the billboard at the entrance to the shopping arcade in front of busy shoppers. Try it today and share it with your friends.

แท็ก: effect, passage, shopping, arcade

17/08/2018 16:11

Daily Newspaper

OMG! Is this your photo on the front page of the newspaper? Use this free online newspaper generator to create your very own spoof newspaper articles. Just select your photo, title and headline! Surprise friends and colleagues, send a birthday greeting or give your next blog post a special look.

แท็ก: effect, news, newspaper, paper

10/08/2018 14:12


Can you imagine having your own yacht? Having a complete freedom to travel in any place in the world or simply stay a few miles from shore in complete silence away from madness of a busy city. The very first thing you would need is the name for it!
With this effect you create your very own yacht and see how it will look like with the name of your choice.

แท็ก: effect, yacht, boat, ship